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2009-07-16 02:31:29 by Teranium

Well, Bruno was epicly disturbing...I saw a bouncing dick on the screen *shudders*. Anyways, saw it with Emily (My AMAZING girlfriend), so it was all good. Kind of felt embarrassed, since I was one of the only guys in the theater.



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2009-07-16 03:50:16

She liked it. She wishes you had a penis more like his.

Teranium responds:

...Mine's bigger than his, and no, she looked away from the screen when it showed it. So that just blew your whole fucking argument to shit, you little 14-year old prick. Why don't you actually go drop your balls, because Mother Nature hates you SO much that she hasn't dropped them for you yet?

Your mom makes the sound "ulhlakhdflj", because my cock's in her mouth kid. Grow some balls, get a better script, and come back here and try to dis me. Oh wait, you can't, you've just been BANNED.


2009-07-16 04:52:03

o ya ya


2009-07-17 23:11:40

Wasn't Bruno made by the same guy from Borat?

Teranium responds:

Yeah, he also played as both Borat and Bruno