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Busy, busy, BUSY!

2009-07-21 00:53:50 by Teranium

Got a LOT of shit to do, or work on. Here's my schedule THIS week:

-Today: Have Cody over
-Tomorrow: Hang with Allen & friends (Tuesday)
-Wednesday: Work on Flash and draw
-Thursday: Hang out with Emily and Allen at Haunted Library-thing we do here in Conway
-Friday: HOPEFULLY, get a date with Emily for 5 hours or more. Been missing my baby!
-Saturday: Work on Flash more
-Sunday: Work on Flash more (again...)

So yeah...That's basically my outline for this week/upcoming week. I stay up until 5AM (Central Time Zone), take a shower, stay up till 6AM, then go to sleep. Wake up at 10AM, then work on Flash until I'm asked to hang out with someone or do something. I'm a busy guy this summer, apparently. Turning 17 is harder than it looks.

FLASH- Since I like to draw, I've decided to take some inspiration (Emily and Flash-Gamers), and put my weird, random thoughts that occur in my mind and into my drawings, hoping to inspire some of you to fucking vote for me. Maybe. :)

My flash project I'm working on, well, is two things actually. A solo project that is called "New Threat", which is Scorpion from Mortal Kombat going against Magikarp from Poke'mon. Pretty cool so far, been working on it at school so it's like, 30 seconds into it now (24-26 fps, can't remember). The second thing is a collab with my long-time friend, Flash-Gamers. The collab is dedicated to RcR (River City Ransom), an old NES 8-bit game that rocked your socks off with it's cheesy goodness. No current news or events for this yet, but I'll be sure to keep you posted. Check out his page if you haven't already, he's cool.

Any guitar tabs that you think I should pick up and learn? Something, I don't know, ROMANTIC?! I'm trying to play guitar for my gf, I just can't write my own stuff and I don't know what to play. I made "Emily's Lullaby", which she loves, and I will upload me playing that into the Audio Portal one day. If you have any suggestions, then leave them please. Random thought, I know. lol.


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