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All Nightmare Long

2009-07-21 18:42:33 by Teranium

I'm focusing all of my "current" free-time into a flash project called "All Nightmare Long". It's a sprite-based animation, which is mainly a slow-paced fight, considering that I'm trying to make it go along with the music. The soundtrack is called "All Nightmare Long", off of Metallica's new album, Death Magnetic. ANL should hopefully be done within 3 weeks, before school starts. I'm going to be spending as much time possible on it.


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2009-07-22 13:23:58

Good luck, take your time....if it looks like it won't be finished in three weeks don't try to make the deadline just extend the final deadline. Probably going to post the details about my check it out

Teranium responds:

Okay and yeah, it's already going to take longer than that. Just wait for my next post :3


2009-07-22 14:00:17

Okay, I'll be looking for updates...hey I'll send you links to my flash as I get bit and pieces done through spam the


2010-06-17 02:35:44

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