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Entry #4

FINAL post (for awhile)

2009-07-22 14:00:35 by Teranium

Okay, I'm going to list ALL the things I'm doing RIGHT here. I'll edit and cut stuff, but not make a new post until I publish something (I promise).

Okay, let's start off with my flash.

Project 1
Name: (Undecided)
About: Practice sprite flash about a random sprite battle, 1 minute long. Sound and SFX of course.

Project 2
Name: All Nightmare Long
About: Ness running away from his nightmares, including Lucas, his grandson (SPOILER)

Project 3
Name: RcR Blitz Collab (Original, huh?)
About: a collab with only me and Flash-gamers, dedicated to RcR. One of us uses Alex, and the other Ryan

Now, my artwork.
I'm going to be drawing random cartoony things (my style), so I'll probably submit some every few days. I hand-drew 3 things in pen last night, if only I had a scanner...

Project 1: Practice should be out within next weekend, hopefully Sunday.


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2009-07-22 16:23:46

Oh, our collab, I almost forgotten...yeah so what is your practice flash???

Dude look at this

It's a review I got from ESF: Luffy vs Sanji

Flash-Gamers says:

Damn dude you were a fucking asshole to me:

"NO !"
by: flashman420
date: November 1, 2008

U FUCKIN FAIL !!!!!!!!!!! What are u doing ? ur giving flashers around the world a bad name, U know and did all the tricks in flash Blur, Teleport, and u even edited the sprites. But u did them all badly. When u blur something, it should be moving ! LEARN HOW TO FUCKING MOTION TWEEN ! if u really have a problem with what I have told u, and ur 2 much of a doosh 2 take this as real advice. then u should really consider dropping flash creation. from one Flash artist 2 another, either get seriouse, or dont bother.

Yeah, but thanks for your advice I have gotten better and learn how to motion tween since the review you gave me. I wish I could criticize you on one of your flashes, but sadly you don't have any. Why is that?

Teranium responds:

Me? That wasn't me, I never had that account or even heard of it.

Lol, it's sad-he's pulling a cody. trying to burn you, fails, then fails yet AGAIN at typing.


2009-07-24 17:29:08

On my last comment look at it...he says from one flash artist to another but he hasn't made any. What a dumbass! Any updates on your flash?

Teranium responds:

I know right? He's a fucking idiot.

I'm making them into .GIF's right now, so far so good.


2009-07-25 18:35:37

U put the kicks and punches into gifs? I don't, cuz if I want add a slow motion part the gifs can't help with that. Wanting the sound effects from that RcR: Chidori flash...but sadly don't know where to get them at.

Teranium responds:

Maybe he made them..?